About us

We have created Siena Info Point so as to share our love of Siena with those who have yet to meet her or would lke to know her better. We are happy to assist visitors in discoverinig Siena's genuine beauty, its soul and its traditions. Our goal is to mediate between Siena and its guests by offering them a fuller experience, whilst still providing better, more intelligent and sustainable tourism for the city.


A team composed by young experts in tourism, with degrees in liberal arts and in economics; all of them We are team of young, tourism experts, with Degrees in the Humanities and Economics; and who share a passion for Tuscany, the land, its characteristic products, and its artistic and cultural heritage.

Siena Info Point has emerged from ideas, projects and dreams, with the single purpose, of enriching our region, through a vast range of activities, aimed at both tourists and inhabitants.

Thanks to our registered guides, you can enjoy walks in the historic centre of Siena and in its characteristic surroundings. Our entertainment services have been designed to give you an authentic touristic experience, discovering the many innumerable aspects of this fascinating city's traditions, that of the Palio and more, and making your stay in Siena a unique and unforgettable one. Welcoming you in a way that you may feel at home in this place of ours.