Siena Info Card

We have built a network of trusted and secure service providers for visitors of Siena, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, vineyards and wellness facilities. Our aim is to share our experience with out clients, giving and advise on where to go and what to do, and to promote the best local buisinesses and the Sienese region itself. With Siena Info Card you can get the necessary information on the network members, and in many cases get a discount or a special treatment.

Get the Card

Siena Info Card is distributed for free in our office and in the offices of our partners. You don't need to subscribe or leave any contact details. The card serves for information purposes, although in some cases it can give you the right for a discount or a special treatment at the companies that adhere to the program.

Siena Info Point, Siena, Piazza del Campo, 69
+39 0577 282384